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  5. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call for a reduction in global maternal mortality to fewer than 70 deaths per 100,000 live births by 2030. Achieving this target will require specific attention to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), which is estimated to cause more than a quarter of maternal deaths worldwide. The burden of PPH is even higher in certain regions: In Eastern Asia and Northern Africa, more than 35% of maternal deaths are attributable to hemorrhage. A relatively basic set of interventions can dramatically reduce the rates of PPH, including skilled care before, during and after childbirth, active management of the third stage of labor (AMTSL) and, in many cases, administration of uterotonics. The preferred uterotonic of choice is oxytocin, which is delivered to the mother by intravenous injection immediately following delivery. Where oxytocin is not available, storage conditions are inadequate or health workers are not trained to administer it safely, misoprostol is currently the best alternative. Unlike oxytocin, misoprostol tablets do not need to be refrigerated or administered with a syringe, which can make it a more viable option in low-resource settings. Misoprostol Medication for Managing Miscarriage kamagra website Misoprostol Cytotec for Labor Induction A Cautionary Tale. MISOPROSTOL-ONLY RECOMMENDED REGIMENS 2017
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    When There's No End in Sight Treating Recurrent Candidiasis. levitra official site Nov 1, 2011. What do you do when a patient has a recurrent yeast infection. However, low doses of fluconazole, like the common 150 mg dose used to.

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